• To provide professional advice on the immigration law and regulations of Canada.
  • Free consultation and assessment of client's qualifications for Canadian immigration.
  • To review and identify all required documents and supporting evidence for submission of the file.
  • Applications are prepared by experienced immigration specialists, including lawyers and paralegals who make sure that it is filled out properly with all the information and supported by all necessary documents required for Immigration.
  • To prepare and submit client's application for processing (including family members) and supporting documents as required with the concerned Canadian immigration authorities.
  • Supporting letter from our company to the Canadian immigration authorities specifically written in detail about the client's case.
  • To assist in the preparation for any interview granted in consideration of the application and provide all interview materials to the clients as required.
  • To make representations and to have full contact with the Canadian government regarding client's application, including the department of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada or abroad.
  • Monitor client's case throughout the processing period and correspond with relevant authorities (Canadian Immigration in Canada and/or Canadian Consulate offices abroad so as to ensure the timely issuance of Permanent Residence Visas).
  • Report and advice client with respect to the status of the immigration proceedings and provide clients with copies of all relevant Immigration proceedings and correspondences.
  • To assist client in preparation, submission and provide applications and other information in regards to the informal assessment for immigration purpose if client's profession is regulated in Canada and needs to be assessed by a Canadian Association body (such as Engineering degree, Technologist or Technician, etc., if applicable).
  • To Provide general information about government in Canada, education, employment opportunities and health.


We offer following services subject to availability and sufficient notice:

  • Pickup at the airport.
  • To provide accommodation in Company's guesthouse, if requested.
  • SIN AND HEALTH Card Registration.
  • To assist in opening a Bank account.
  • To assist in Job Search.
  • Familiarization Tour of Locality: Library Card Registration and tour of the Community Center, Shopping/grocery tips for immediate Supplies.
  • Advise regarding School admissions. Also advised on what to carry for school admissions in terms of documentation and inoculations etc.
  • Tips on Furniture/Vehicle purchasing.
  • Assistance with securing Child Tax Benefit.
  • Information on how to obtain "Drivers License" and an introductory booklet on Road Safety Requirements.

We make every endeavour to give our clients that feeling of being welcome and at home in Canada.

These services are offered at a separate price so please contact our representative for further information

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